May in Gothenburg

So it’s finally warming up and this city is really alive! I have still been doing my work placement at Stanley black & Decker and it’s quickly coming to an end.

Since working in a Swedish office, I have been getting better with understanding Swedish. Another way I practice my Swedish is read the daily Metro newspaper on the train to work. It’s free for all and written in easy-Swedish for all demographics to be able to read. 🙂

I have been trying to prepare for my summer vacation by training at my gym, Nordic wellness (formerly known as sport life in my older blog). Compared to the winter months, I see many more Swedes in the gym during summer time…because to them, bikini season is no joke! 😉

As summer break or “somarlov” is soon approaching, I have also been slowly collecting fun Swedish goodies and gifts to bring home to florida for my family. Below you’ll see the wide assortment of amazing Swedish chocolates I bought. I already have eaten one…#noselfcontrol ! 🙂


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