Summer has arrived in Gothenburg!

Today was officially the first day I didn’t have to wear a jacket outside in Sweden! Now that the temperature is rising, and the sun is shining, Gothenburg city is filled with people walking the streets, drinking iced lattes, jogging, and simply enjoying the great weather. Now I see why all the Swedes keep such positive spirits in the dreary winter days, because Swedish summer is so lovely! Ha.

As for me, I’ve been incredibly busy and challenged with my work placement course. It has made me realize that i made the right choice to study human resources. Getting a glimpse of daily life has me looking forward to my future career.

But of course, with full time work, I don’t forget to have a proper work-life balance. So on my free time Ive been enjoying Gothenburg with being outdoors around the city canals, doing BBQ, and some hiking.

This weekend is supposed to be clear skies and 24 degrees Celsius. So I hope all you göteborgare “njuter av” this Florida-like sunny summer weather. 😉





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