Summer is coming, so does our new project!!! I extremely enjoy the topic of our project, which is about gender perspectives on art in Public space.

I like art that addresses social issues since art is not just about aesthetics and madness. What’s more is its strong social influence and illustration of something invisible visible. In this project, we focused on gender perspective, which was already a very heated issue since 19th. But this gender discussion still lasts because there are so many problematic issues such as the inequality of men and women, the social approval of queer and homosexual etc.

For me, I felt I have been involved in a critical discussion on this kind of feminist topic. I get the feeling that this project is going to be achieved in a tentative method, which I interpret, document, intervene, activate, demonstrate and critically reflect on. I hope in this project I can reveal both problematic issues and new possibilities to the art in public space.

Here we used collage( pictures and words from gender-specific male and female magazines) to illustrate our statements and perspectives on queer related issues.

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