Chalmers Cortege – Best parade…EVER!

This past Tuesday night I witnessed one of the most impressive, well-thought out and detailed parade of my life!


This parade was put on by Chalmers University, a neighboring engineer university to Göteborgs Universitet. The parade is called the Cortège, or The Chalmers Cortège, and is an annual carnival parade held on Walpurgis Night (April 30) by students of the Chalmers Uni. in Gothenburg. The Cortège consists of around 600 students and around 50 truck carriages, each carriage depicting, in a satirical and comical way, significant events that have taken place since the previous parade. The parade makes its way through Gothenburg city centre, where it is seen by around 250,000 people each year. Although all of floats had signs in Swedish, they were very creative in getting the message across and reenacting the famous events. I must say, WELL DONE CHALMERS STUDENTS! I had a great time enjoying the Swedish sunshine, drinking rose, and watching the floats. 🙂 Check out some of there work!:

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