Blå Stället Epilogue


Today is the last day of our project. We had a mini presentation for blå stället (three minutes each person) and it is a happy ending! Since all of us, no matter graphic designers or product designers all started our projects within the same context, which was related to Angered area, this has been a commonality for us to share and talk about. As I said before, I was extremely curious about how we designers help Angered Area and the culture house blå stället solve their problems. It ended up with so many interesting and energetic ideas!

I feel so good being in such a class with designers from different backgrounds. We shared our expertise and presented our solutions for the similar purpose but different formats. Some of the graphic designers in my class designed brand identity, typeface, workshop strategies and so on through visual communication. Product designers delivered public and sharing objects in a three dimensional way, like public seating, sharing tables, tableware etc.

Markus and I designed a social table for immigrants to communicate. The table acts as both a comfortable meeting space as well as a trigger for conversation. I didn’t expected too much for this table but the result turns out to be really good! People in blå stället are quite interested in this table and they want to have it in their place!

Now I am very proud to show you some pictures of our presentation. Hope you enjoy it!

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