Valborg’s “to-do list”

So, hopefully you all are ready to enjoy the biggest student holiday in Sweden – Valborg or Walpurgis Eve. The last day of April students all over Sweden celebrate spring, freedom and, just celebrating 😉 The fact that Walpurgis Eve is followed by 1 May — a public holiday in Sweden — and people are not afraid of partying all the night long.

Almost every city in Sweden has its own traditions and special things for Valborg. It means that Valborg in Uppsala and Lund wouldn’t be the same as celebration in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Let’s look through some tips on what to visit, to do and to see tomorrow.

For the breaking start of the great day – don’t miss Valborg breakfast with other fellow students at campus Haga, organized by Göta student union. It will be a long day – so – breakfast is very important!

Choral singing is enormously popular in Sweden, and Walpurgis day is a busy day for every choir. Special spring repertoire is carefully prepared in advance – some of them all students should know, for example – Studentsången, starting with words – Sing for the student’s lucky day! And we will do so  – various Gothenburg choirs will entertain people at the Trägårsföreningen, in the heart of the city. At 14-30, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg Pam Fredman will have a speech to all students there! Check the schedule and come!

From 6 pm – central streets of the city will be full of people waiting for Chalmers Cortége. Here you will find the map of the parade. And if you still don’t know what it is about – read one of my previous posts!

Bonfire. Photo by Finlay Stewart.

To catch traditional Walpurgis bonfires – you can go the Slottsskogen park. The will start it at 9 pm in the middle of the park – just follow the crowd – it will be hard to miss it. The full program of what will be there is here.

Seems like a good plan for celebrating Valborg in Gothenburg. Yes, and one good news at the end – weather forecast by SMHI says that even it may be some rain in the morning – the clouds will disappear in the midday and the rest of the day it will be nice springish weather!

Have a great experience of Valborg! Feel free to share your impressions with us!

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