Project Reflection

At the end of my school project, I want to write down my reflection about this whole process. In this project, I made a table for immigrants to meet each other and communicate. The table is like a bar table combined with a game that people can play. It is supposed to be placed in a service center in angered where immigrants meet more often and search for help.

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About decision making process

I was much more conscious about my project this time. Every time when I made a decision I have to explain why I made this, for example, why choose this particular material and why choose to manufacture like this. Though some of the decisions are not well thought of and there are full of trails and errors, it is still the worthiest project that I have ever done.

About teamwork and communication

In this project, I worked with another designer Markus. Since we have different backgrounds, (I am a product designer, he is a graphic designer), we have different working methods. It is good. On one hand each of us could contribute our expertise to this project and complement each other. This makes the process going smoothly, and I don’t feel any stark like I was doing any of my previous projects. On the other hand, we could both motivate each other and learn a lot from different fields.

But I still feel I have a really hard time struggling during the process. The reason is that we didn’t clearly define the tasks for each person at the beginning. Of course there is time when we two work efficiently and match each other very well. But there is also the time when we cant reach an agreement and start to argue. Then someone need to compromise to let the process keep going on. If given the second time, I would choose to define each ones responsibility clearly so that each person only make decisions for the field he chooses, and the other can give just opinions but not interfere others decision.

Well, there is a lot about trust and patience in teamwork. There is also a lot about communication and mutual understanding. I appreciate this cooperation with Markus, without whom, so many things wont happen.

IMG_6412 IMG_6414IMG_6413 

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