Kinesiska mat

I have been so busy with my school project those days so I am quite happy that it nearly comes to the end. Now I really want to celebrate this moment by cooking Kinesiska mat for my friend and I. And here is the result!

IMG_0317 IMG_0319

You might wonder what it is.

Well, it is called hot-pot, which is a specially cooked soup. The soup I choose this time is quite spicy. You start eating by boiling the soup, and then put whatever you want in it, vegetables, meat, fish balls, noodles for example. And then, pick them out when they are cooked ready, dip them with Sesame sauce and eat them. Usually in winter we eat a lot since it keeps the food warm all the time. It is also a way of sharing and enjoying time with the whole family.

Now it’s time for eating! It is so so so delicious that my Swedish neighbors were all attracted by it! Soon each of them got a bowl for hot-pot!

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