Eddie Izzard – Live at Scandinavium, Gothenburg

I recently saw the British comedian Eddie Izzard live at the Gothenurg arena Scandinavium. It was my first time attending the large arena in which concerts and ice hockey games typically take place in Gothenburg. I noticed that lots of Swedes brought in their own candy and snacks into the arena. This would definitely not happen in the USA because they typically check your bags before entering arenas. I am sure its not allowed here as well, but perhaps Swedes are more relaxed about it. 🙂

Another strange thing for me was that he was making very bold jokes about religion. Which in America, is a BIG no no! For example, he says “God is not here, he does not exist!” And the entire Arena bursts into laughter. ha, it says a LOT about the different cultures. Sweden is a very liberal country, that supports a worldly view. As children, Swedes are taught about all different types of religion, to learn that there is not just one universal God, but many Gods and beliefs. I think its respectable that Sweden strives to create a knowledge culture, and not socialize everyone to have just one belief.

Overall, he was very funny, and it was a great night in Gothenburg City. As you can see from our faces, we were very amused! haha

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