Work Placement Course – So far so good!

I’m about 3 weeks into my work placement course and it has been such an incredible experience. Just being given the opportunity to see the daily life of an HR Generalist is priceless. I must admit that prior to this course all my courses have focused more on theories and critical thinking on a higher level, but now all those somewhat abstract ideas are really coming to life! I look forward to taking more courses this fall after work placement because now I really know which questions to ask in lectures and I can always looking on how to apply new theories to the real world.
I’m loving the company, everyone had been very friendly and welcoming. Last week all staff members were welcome to a celebratory lunch in the new launch of the worlds very first gasless nailgun. We ate good food and all got to test out the new tool by building a house frame! (As for my carpentry skills, I think I should stick with HR management as my day job…hehe)
Students: if you have a chance to do a course similar to this in your program I highly recommend it! The knowledge you gain is priceless. And if you don’t, maybe suggest it to your professors or try and find an internship independently. Just go for it!




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