Milano reflection_3

Part 3

In my previous post I share with you my life in Milano and some interesting design in Fiera/I saloni. Now comes to the most exciting activities in Fuori Salone, which I spent three days discovering and exploring! They took up nearly every corner of the city! In the following part I will present you some of the interesting and exciting parts!

I have been to an event called MOST in the area of Zona Tortona, where Tom Dixon had their unique design shows. I was impressed to find their tea house, which is composed of chairs, tables, tableware designed by their own. Apart from that, I also visited the three year’s Milan Design Week Exhibition, where I found many classical but still inspirational design ideas!


The city center, Brera Design District is highly devoted to contemporary design, art and culture in Milan. I immersed myself in designs and artifacts from different culture backgrounds, followed with endless cocktail parties and drinks. There was Droog’s design’s exhibition on show.

I also went to the northeast of the city, Lambrate. This is a rather young and crowded area where many new talents and artists on display.






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