314 hours left till the Chalmers Cortège

One of the most beloved holidays for students in Sweden – Valborg – is approaching! And I decided to give some useful tips what to see and to do during that day. And to begin with – my warm recommendations for all – to visit the Chalmers Cortège that actually is very famous not only in Sweden but in the whole Europe and annually attract thousands of tourists.

Chalmers Johanneberg

Today I have had a few meetings at Chalmers in Johanneberg campus and took that photo with digital clocks counting how many hours are left till the Cortège. As you can see today in the evening around 7 pm it was 314 hours. Less than two weeks. And preparations are on the full speed already. The Chalmers Cortège is a huge parade that usually involves more than 600 students, that build from 50 to 100 truck carriages. On each of them it’s a construction depicting in a funny and satirical way—significant events that have taken place since the previous parade.

20130417_185716The parade starts at Chalmers Johanneberg, passes through the city center and comes back to Chalmers, where the big celebration of Valborg takes place. I have visited the Chalmers Cortège last year – and it was frankly speaking remarkable memories! Crowds of observers, it was the biggest amount of people I’ve ever seen in the center of Gothenburg. It was a very long parade by the way. It took around 1.5 hour for all truck carriages to pass the point where I was standing. And each and every truck was a piece of art – very funny and openly showing some important world, Swedish and Gothenburg events. Exhibitions at the trucks were interactive – they were moving, producing sounds and it was a lot of fun!

So, I can strongly recommend you to put Chalmers parade in you must do list for Valborg, and hope to see you there.

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