City in a spring mood: the first walk

There is a nice Christmas song – Sauna Clause is coming to town. But now it’s possible to rephrase it to “spring is coming to town”. I met my second spring in Sweden in a great mood! And I will try to share some of my positive emotions with you. Several next posts will be united under the idea of spring promenades around Gothenburg.

Last weekend I have had a very spontaneous and lovely promenade from Johanneberg 20130413_182514[1]area to Linnéstaden. It was literally the singing Saturday for me.. I started at 10am and finished at around 6 pm. Inspired and full of singing I went to the tram stop, but occasionally turned and decided to have a small promenade. Sun was shining, air was full of spring and every person I met greeted me with shining eyes.. almost shouting – Spring in here!

I took a way through Landala up by Föreningsgatan to the Slottsskogen. And this is the rout I can strongly recommend for nice promenade. You will be able to see different type of architecture, areas with very different spirit. Take a look at some photos I took there and hope it will inspire you for something new!

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