Gothenburg city – Night at the cirkus.

My current boss for work placement course was sweet enough to gift me with two tickets to the Swedish Circus! It was totally random, but such a fun night! haha.

The circus is called Brazil Jacks, Sweden’s oldest touring circus – established already 1899. Children and adults of all ages appreciate their family-friendly programs. The performance included many beautiful horses, skillful juggling, clowns, funny, talented cats, agile acrobats and a large and well-playing circus orchestra.

My boyfriend and I w20130412-123510.jpgent and we bought all the needed cirkus supplies: coke cola, popcorn, and cotton candy. It was so adorable to see all the swedish kids in the audience watching the magicians and jugglers work their magic. But the funniest thing is that while I was watching the “disappearing act” in the big black box, I literally thought, “how do they do that?!” haha. Even though I’m graduate level student, that trick still stumps me. 😛 One big difference from an American circus is the size of the production. I was used to seeing Rigley Brothers Arena-sized circuses with bengal tigers and elephants, however this one was in a moderate sized tent and had horses and house cats jumping through hoops. But regardless of the size of the production, the essence of the circus is always so fun, and seeing little kids laugh and be amazed is priceless. Super cool night, I’m glad I got to experience that. 🙂

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