Young Bakers Competition in Gothenburg

The cool thing about living in a big city is that theres always something going on.

Today I was walking home from a fika date I had with some of my classmates and after I strolled through Gothenburg’s shopping plaza, Nordstan. I found a large exhibition of baked goods! The smell in there was intoxicating, a girls worst fear right before bikini season, inescapable aroma of carbs!! haha.

After some observations, I realised this was Swedens best young baker competition! SM Young Baker aims to condition by far Sweden’s best young bakers and is open to young people up to 23 years. The competition has been held since 1990. A large number of baking and confectionary industry’s most famous profiles has started their career in the this competition. Number one to number four in the SM form the junior national team bags from which candidates are selected to represent Sweden SM contest conducted for 5 hours, the contestants must then bake bread, French bread, wheat bread, pastries and a shewbread or a cake. The rules are similar in broad outline the rules for contest for young bakers. The organizers behind the SM and EM Young Baker is Sweden Bakers & Confectioners Ltd in conjunction with the North Mills KåKå and Ester Mosessons school.

After I realized what this was all about, I quickly got out of there, before I gobbled up all their hard work 😉







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