GUS meeting, karaoke and Orphei Drängar concert

1287327_GUS-giflogga_webbLast year I was appointed as a suppliant member of the board (styrelse) of the GUS (Göteborgs universitetets studentkårer) that in fact united together efforts of four student unions in the University (Göta, Konstkår, Handelshögskolans i Göteborg Studentkår and Sahlgrenska Akademins Studentkår). Being on a suppliant position means participation at the board meetings when regular members cannot come. So, last week vice-chair of Göta contacted me on the question if I can come as one of the regular members cannot make it. I agreed, and after a brief glance at the meeting’s agenda I was highly motivated to participate. Among issues to be discussed were the GUS åsiktsdokument (the document with main statements of the organization that members should follow) and a discussion on the focus for the organization for the next year. Being a keen activist for rights of international students in Sweden I see student organizations as an important platform for positive change. After a several hours of interesting discussions we came to consensus about the whole document. I was happy that there was a very good focus on internationalizing of the education and foreign students as well as on quality of education, course evaluations and equality.

It is really interesting and fascinating that after one year of intensive involvement of student union’s work I feel quite comfortable with specific terminology in Swedish and procedures of official meetings. Back in Russia two years from 2006 till 2008 I was working as a vice-chair of the Youth Government of Saratov region, but there it was more interaction with municipal authorities. That’s why it is so interesting for me to have that kind of experience here in Sweden, and I’m sure it will be a life-long memories.

After a long day of meetings and discussions I went to Studenternas Huset, where every first Thursday of the month is a karaoke party. It was a lot of people from my program who came as well – it was great fun. Especially, our dancing and singing performance of Loreen’s Euphoria was terrific!

Friday evening I spend with my choir friends at the concert of the most famous Swedish male choir from Uppsala – Orphei Drängar. Konsetrhuset was full. There were people of all ages and social classes, and it is always fascinating to see that music has no limits. Choir was singing very good and special quest jazz-musician Magnus Lindgren made it memorable.

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