Pre-Easter days

Easter in Sweden is coming. Many of people I know have already packed their luggage and on the way to some warm countries, or their homes.  Others quite busy in buying paper eggs, sweets and candies – and prepare presents for their families. For me the last week was very intensive – as a lecturer assistant I was responsible for preparations for lectures, workshops and assignments for students. It was plenty of interesting and useful work.

Göta StudentkårAs well as it’s a hot time of different elections in Göta Studentkår. Being a member of sektionsvalbredning committee I am conducting interviews and assess candidates for various leadership positions in sections from different faculties and departments of the University. It’s challenging work, but good experience in job assessment with regards to Swedish realities. Observing job interviews I, honestly, made a few conclusions how to adjust my own manner of behavior to make it better fitted to Swedish work place.

Last Wednesday it was the student union’s Parliament assembly. More than 6 hours in a raw we were in session. But after that all of us were very happy that we were able to ratify the Student Union’s opinion document – the ground of the further work of student representatives and union’s activists. The document consists of the main statements and strivings of the Göta. Hopefully, very soon document will be translated in English and will be available for public access. I am satisfied that issues related to international students in the University have a strong position in the document.


And finally, yesterday I finally decided to spend some time swimming in the Valhallabadet (near Scandinavium). Student price is just 40 Swedish crones for 4 hours. For that money you get access to two swimming pools (25 and 50 meters), several various saunas, solarium and other health-improving and relaxing facilities. I was extremely happy with relaxing swimming. I will definitely come again!

The words in Swedish that you need to know in upcoming days is Glad Påsk! So, enjoy some holidays!

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