Working for the craftmanship!

Recently I am designing a playful table with graphic designer Markus. The table is both communicative and interactive since we combine a game with it and it will be put in the café of Angered. Now we are in our manufacturing process so this week I have been working intensively in wood workshop.

I enjoy working in the workshop and it is the magic place for me. It is in the workshop where things become true, where I forget everything and absorb in building and refining, where I talk with machines, examine every detail, and figure out how materials meet each other. I appreciate every minute I spent here.

The most important reason I love HDK is that I can strongly feel the craftsmanship here. This for me is not just a career quality one should possess but also a living attitude. When I ask myself why I always want to make something perfect no matter how many time I contribute, the only reason I can think is I love it. I choose this career because I love and enjoy the process and details of design. I love it so I work hard for the quality and enjoyment of the work. I love it so I work hard to control my dedication to perfecting craft and expressing myself through work.

Isn’t that fascinating?


IMG_5556   IMG_5545

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