Work placement offered by Gothenburg University!

stanley black and decker

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to start a new course before…but within these upcoming months I will be starting a new adventure in my life! The course is called work placement, and is a 10 week internship opportunity offered for school credit at the University. What I am looking forward to most with this program is that I finally have the chance to put all my strategic HR theories and seminar knowledge to practice!

The university has partnerships with local businesses that take interns. I just got accepted to work for Stanley Black & Decker! The HR Director will be my mentor, and I will be working full-time on daily tasks as well as priority projects and it includes three structured performance development meetings.

I am so grateful for the University providing me with such an amazing contact as Stanley Black & Decker because I am an American foreigner that is not fluent in Swedish, and most likely would  not be able to find this internship on my own. Some of my other classmates have been in contact with Volvo through the university as well.

I will keep you all posted about my new learning experience in the “real world.” Thank you Gothenburg Uni for this opportunity!

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