Have fun with Smörgåstårta!

My friend Elin has just celebrated her birthday a few days ago. Hanna, Steven and I made a Smörgåstårta as a birthday gift for her. The most interesting thing was that none of us has been making this traditional Swedish sandwich cake. For me and Steven, we never have this sandwich thing in China. For Hanna, who grew up in Sweden, has only eaten this thing at her grandmother’s home. But she never tried to make it herself. So it is a process full of our own investigation and creativity! This co-creation thing also enhance our understanding to each other!

 IMG_5459 IMG_5455

Now comes to the fun process of creating a Smörgåstårta for Elin!

  • Observe and understand what Elin’s taste and her favorite food is
  • Buy ingredients.  Elin is a vegetarian, so we bought mainly fruits and vegetables, with some shrimps and eggs.
  • Do food preparations like cutting, pealing and boiling etc.
  • Decide the sauce flavor.  
  • Build bread layers, paint it with sauce and put everything in order.  This step is the most creative one, for you can create some interesting and unique pattern! We made two funny faces and two little sculpture-like rabbits!
  • Wrap it with a decorative box and transport it carefully!  OBS!  Be sure to watch out when transporting it or you will end up with a ruined Smörgåstårta><
  • st

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