Media days in Gothenburg

I would ask to excuse me some delay with that post, it’s a lot of studies these days. But in any case I’m ready to share with you my impressions of big exhibition and conference Media Days (MEG) that has happened in Gothenburg two weeks ago. And thanks to Göta Studentkår, I was among three winners awarded by passes for the event.

20130308_154355It is already the second year in a row when Gotheburg became the center of media, PR and journalism for the whole Northern Europe. The size of the event is impressive! It is always really hard to write about such big events, as you will definitely forget some big or small parts. And I decided to structure my narrative with focus on several significant events within Media Days and leave the rest.

I’m a big fan of music and of the Eurosivision Song Contest. And for me it was impossible to miss the presentation of the Executive producer of the Eurosivion 2013, Martin Österdahl. He was sharing with guests of the conference the main idea and

Martin Österdahl on MEG
Martin Österdahl on MEG

vision of the upcoming ESC. The DNA of the ESC 2013 includes four elements: event, TV, city experience and hospitality. If the first two are traditional and rooted in the feature of ECS, while the latter two relatively new. My own opinion that it is a good idea to organize ESC in Malmö, middle-sized city, that will let for almost all citizens and visitors to feel the spirit of the Eurovision at it very best. As Martin has said Eurovision is more than just a song competition, it’s like a peace project uniting people in Europe.  Agree, and looking forward to go to Malmö in the middle of May!

The next big impression of the MEG was presentation of Lizz Winstead, the queen of American comedy, as she was presented to us by film critic Andrea Reuter.  The co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show in the USA she was talking on the issue on how comedians became the watchdogs of the watchdogs. Those of you who are

Lizz Winstead on MEG
Lizz Winstead on MEG

somehow related to media and communication studies already know, for others I explain – that as being aka the fourth power media play the role of watchdogs under social, political and economic life. At the same time in some cases media became affiliated to States, corporations and so on. And in that situation, comedian daily show became the watchdog looking after “traditional” media. It is interesting that actually daily shows became the most important source of information for young generation in the States. By the way she is really passionate and charismatic orator.  I have a small talk with Lizz afterwards, and it was really interesting to find out that she has some Swedish roots, and she was glad to come to Sweden though it is her first here.

Media Days opened my eyes on several things I haven’t event think before. And it is always great pleasure to socialize and meet people from the same field. Thanks to Göta and thanks to organizers!

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