How to work with a graphic designer?

Those days I have been co-working with my classmate: Markus. He is a very interesting graphic designer who is always curious about many things. He has a giant appearance but a soft heart inside. Like other graphic designers, he is crazy about visualizing things (sometimes like a visualizing machine) and pays much attention on the details.

However, I am an object person who always analysis different properties and qualities. So then I start to analyze what is a graphic designer and reflect on how I can work better with a graphic designer?

 I just try to visualize Markus with some very abstract words for example. My understanding helps me to be even more conscious about how we could work better!

Markus [转换]

OK. Now I want to conclude something in general. Those are some good advice that you could take with you when working with others.

Know how to motivate his strength

As long as you get to know each other, you begin to sense the difference and identify yourself. But knowing each other’s strength doesn’t mean you understand how to promote efficiency within groups. Of course it needs time, and is based on your observation and reflection. And there is also some emotional things that you can’t overlook, like what you say, what you behave and what’s your interaction and reaction to your partner all influence how he actually acts and does.

Be concrete

Do avoid using vague descriptive words to communicate an idea. Use visual examples instead. For example we may have different interpretation to the words “professional and strict”. So the best thing to test if we are on the same level of understanding is to find something real as an example.

Be prepared and organized

This is always needed!

Be open minded

Be tolerant to ideas, especially those seemingly stupid ones! Let go of your personal biases and trust your partner as well as his expertise.

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