Explore, Build and Perform

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I am not an expert on dealing with electric circuit but this time I did have fun with those technical stuff! This is a workshop given by Jan Carleklev, who is a very interesting guy working in the field of experience design. He introduced us to the world of physical computing and designing experience. The workshop let us hack in electronics and explore the possibilities within those materials. And then it ended up in a 60 second performance that has a beginning, middle and end.

For me the workshop is quite refreshing and playful. It allows designers to explore different possibilities and discover new potentials with something they are not familiar with. It’s also exciting to view the whole design process as a performance instead of just a typical design process! I enjoy the co-creation process when I worked together with my classmates. It enhanced our understanding towards each other!

Here sharing some thoughts with you about what is a performance according to Jan!

A performance is interdisciplinary, scripted, random or carefully orchestrated.
A performance is spontaneous or carefully planned, with or without audience participation.
A performance can be live or via media: the performer can be present or absent.
A performance involves four basic elements: time, space, and human intervention.
A performance can happen anywhere, in any venue or setting and for any length of time.

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