Göta Easter Hunt

Cold but sunny weather makes Gothenburg flourish. It is fantastic, and those who live in Sweden for a while know for sure – that those days are quite rare, and they need to be valued. Moreover, Easter is coming, and Göta student union realizing a funny campaign in different campuses and buildings of the University of Gothenburg that calls Easter Hunt (Götajakten).

Easter egg
Easter egg

The idea of a campaign to have a small adventure – activists of the student union hide colorful paper Easter eggs all around the university. And the task for students is simply – to find hidden eggs.  We don’t have such tradition in Russia – to hide eggs on Easter. But as I’ve seen myself – students really actively involved in the quest! It is a lot of fun!

Marina Degel (IT faculty) found an egg
Marina Degel (IT faculty) found an egg

Yesterday one of my coursemates –  Marina from Estonia – was lucky and found an egg! She was so happy! All people that will find eggs will take part in a big lottery with nice prizes. And the main prize will be a three-day-pass for the biggest music festival in Sweden – Way Out West, that takes part in Gothenburg every year.

So, don’t miss fun – and look for eggs in your campus! And good luck!

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