Back to Basic


On Wednesday and Thursday, we had a sketch workshop with an artist Camila Bosröm. The purpose of this workshop is to challenge the proposed approached and methods in the creative process. Sketching, as the fundamental of creative work, is a way of thinking and communication. So how can we challenge or break the ordinary sketch pattern and behavior?

The answer is quite simple. Sometimes you just need to go back to basic! Let’s forget the sketch aesthetics, result, presumed blocks and professional format and techniques. Just imagine being a kid, release and express yourself through painting!


For me, the workshop is quite inspiring! I feel myself jumping out of my comfort zone. I try to paint on A3 or even A2 instead of the familiar A4 size sketch. I start to draw something without intention or purpose just to find my own sketching style!

There are still so much to reflect on, and it is never ever enough to just end here!

As usual, I would like to pose some pictures and hope it inspires you a lot!

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