let’s celebrate, ladies!

Yesterday it’s international women’s holiday. There’s a huge party for women in the världskulturmuseet and I have been there preparing for the whole day.

IMG_5135 IMG_5141

The preparation of the party lasts for one month. Due to the time limitation, things didn’t go as planned. But we finally came up with a feasible and proper plan just 4 hours ahead of the party! For me, the best thing of teamwork is that it always makes me feel secure. Whenever something happens, I know there are always a community with whom I can discuss and looking for help!  And then we finished all the decoration things within last few hours. The result turns out to be very good!

The party was full of people and there are a lot of activities and seminars informing visitors about women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

OK maybe too much abstract information for you. Here comes something concrete!

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