EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in GU

Maybe my words would sound idealistic – but my belief that something interesting is always happening around us. And depending on our personal wish to be involved, we can either pass it by or keep our eyes open and catch such an opportunities. I’m the latter. Today in the morning I’ve seen on my news feed on Facebook short announcement that said something like that there are no more places left for the open lecture of the EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström. My first reaction was surprise – how come that I’ve missed such an interesting event. But I immediately wrote to the organizers – if it will be possible to receive a seat if somebody wouldn’t show up. And I’ve got a positive answer back.

So, for the first time in my live I went to the campus Linné. One of the features of the University of Gothenburg – is that there is no common campus for all students, and different departments located in several areas in Central Gothenburg. But it’s always quite nice to visit different campuses – and meet students from there.  The open lecture that has happened today was organized by the Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg (aka UF, Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Göteborg), that is a politically and religiously independent association with the focus on spreading knowledge about foreign policy issues.

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström
EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström

Today’s distinguish guest was the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström. In the very first words she has said that the University of Gothenburg is very familiar and important place for her as she has worked here as a researcher and got a PhD in political science from GU.  She even wrote in her twitter account: “Nice to be in Göteborg. Seeing old friends and colleges.”

Cecilia Malmström is currently serving as EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, and has responsibility for issues such as the fight against organized crime and corruption, and migration. Meanwhile she a very experienced and high-skilled politician,  earlier she was the Minister of European Affairs in Sweden (for the Liberal People’s Party) and sat before that in the European Parliament (1999-2006).

The red line of the talk of Cecilia Malmström was the current situation with the work under establishing common politics for asylum and migration in the EU. She put the issue in global and historical context, and clearly stated what has been done, and what are the perspectives in nearest future. I was pleased to see that she in addition to her distinguishing professional skills she is very passionate with issues she works with.

In the end it was quite long question session, when our bring guest shared her opinion and current discussion within European commission on several highly-relevant issues.

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