My half-year life experience in Gothenburg

I have been living and studying in Göteborg for half a year and I am always reflecting on what is my interpretation of the city. How do I understand here as a living city, a culture center or an entertainment community? How can I better understand its history and diversified cultures?

This time I try to visualize my interpretation by zooming in and out on the map. I start by summarizing some secret but interesting places that I found worth visiting. They are marked on the map and each of them is given a simple description. There is still more left for you to explore. Hope it inspires you guys!



Nils Einar Eriksson designed this water tower about 60 years ago. It is a 130 meters above sea level. There is a cafe on top of the watertower where you get magnificent view, enjoy a shrimp sandwich and look out to the sea and skerries.


It is a place for out of the ordinary experiences. You start with some delicious coffee, taking a flag with a language you want and then practicing.

The creative area of the Moat

Magasinsgatan, Vallgatan and Södra Larmgatan are developing into a creative quarter, a home to several of Gothenburg’s independent designer-shops.


The Saluhallen was built two centuries earlier. It is the biggest indoor market in the city. Here you get diversified meat, chocolate, cheeses and other delicacies with reasonable prices.


HDK is a design school located in the heart of the city. It was founded in 1848 and the building itself is like an old castle full of mysterious things. Students here take their starting points in the practical, artistic work and combine this with theoretical knowledge. They are given full trust and freedom to develop their own artistic personalities.

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