My Thursday in Gothenburg

Well folks, this post in particular is not going to be as interesting as a trip to Lapland, or a traveling design course exhibition, but I’m here to share what my typical, Thursday afternoon in Gothenburg was like…

I started my day with a course in HR Societal trends. It has been extra enjoyable lately because my professor (whom is Swedish) has this amazing British English accent that keeps you hanging on his every word. Not to mention, I can just play it back if I’d like, as I have been starting to record my lectures on this great free iPhone App called “Audio Memos.” (very helpful study tool!)

Afterwards, I spent a long 5 hours in the library at Handelshogskolan, or the Business School, reading for my societal trends course and preparing for a presentation I have next week.

To me, what was quite interesting in this Swedish library was that they have these “saved seats” cards, which allows students to leave for maximum 1 hour, and still come back to claim their seat. However, I did observe several cases in which these most likely Swedish students, would come back to claim their ALREADY occupied seats! Oh boy, was that a predicament for them! I couldn’t help but giggle every time I saw another student realized their beloved seat had been stolen, followed by a quick swallow of pride and searching for a new seat all for the sake of avoiding conflict. If this were in the US, you can bet that those seats would be claimed back to their “rightful owner.” hehe. I do admire the thought behind these “saving” cards, but perhaps the standard “first come first served” approach wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Another thing that kept me quietly giggling in the library was this sign in the bathroom…basically asking students to shut the door after they use the toilet, and then some smart-alec student wrote below “Det stinker!” haha. It’s really the little things in life that bring you joy, eller hur? 😉

I finished my day at my very first AIESEC local committee meeting. AIESEC is basically a student-run International organization that gives students the opportunity to do internships all over the world. What’s cool about this organization is that it also gives students the chance to gain hands on business experience locally. I have recently been accepted as a member on AIESEC Gothenburg’s “Talent Management Team” or, simply the HR department. I like how they wrote the agenda for the meeting, #3: “Welcome new victims members” haha. No pressure!!

There you have it folks, my perfectly normal (with a few fun surprises) Thursday.

4 thoughts on “My Thursday in Gothenburg

    1. What!? haha small world! You should join me at a meeting one week, they are always on Thursday. With of course, coffee beforehand. 😉

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