Time for celebrating International women’s day!

Those days my friends and I have been preparing for the decoration of International Women’s day organized by Lady fest, Goteborg. There is a celebration party in the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg. The theme of this year is women’s reproductive and sexual rights, and they are an expression of human rights.

What is the situation?

Although the women’s situation here seems not to be that bad, and Sweden is also perceived as a fairly equal country, there is still a lot of resistance in other parts of the world. Millions of people are oppressed or discriminated against because of their sexuality and gender identity. This means that there is much left to do!

When I was involved in this activity, I am aware of the different ways of celebrating this festival between my hometown and Sweden. The international women’s day in China has become a festival for men to give thanks to women in his family. Women are somehow passive: they accept what the society has offered; they tend to stay in that comfort zone and stop to think for themselves. I am a little bit worry about that situation because it’s like a kind of collective unconsciousness existed both in the old generation and the young. So I would really want to be active in the role of raising people’s awareness on those issues like getting rid of gender stereotypes and being aware of our own body autonomy and rights!

How we change the situation?

We designers try to influence people with our decoration in the Museum. And now we are on our way of building it! The concept is that we want to lift women’s status up and make women respectful. We try to avoid the gender stereotype on women and stay a little bit far from too extreme. We believe women should be proud of being as women and we are going to highlight this point!

Now it’s the time to celebrate how we have made such a big progress in the way of struggling women’s’ right. And it’s time for us to memory the past, celebrate now and be active and motivated in the future!

Hope to see you there!

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