Night at the Improv – Swedish Humor

This past Friday I attended Improverket, a Swedish improvisation comedy show. It was such a good time and the best part was, that I understood most of the Swedish jokes! I’d say It is a great way to put your Swedish knowledge to the test. 😉swedish humor

In my opinion, Swedes have a somewhat sarcastic and witty sense of humor, but in everyday life, they are typically pretty quiet and keep to themselves. With that being said, it was SO fun to see the other side of Swedes…the playful, silly, just had 3 glasses of wine type of Swedes! Such a great atmosphere that night, everyone just forgetting about the cold weather outside and the long work week ahead…all for a good laugh.

The show included bingo games, a spontaneous call on speaker phone to a previous audience member, prize winnings, and lots of great impromptu skits based on random topics the audience decided to shout out!! So fun, and great venue…check it out if you’re wanting something new to do in Gothenburg. 😉

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