Travel with Serendipity

I had such a wonderful travelling experience last week in Stockholm that I continuously want to share it with you! I have reflected a lot on this travelling and I start to think what makes my travelling experience so good! Is it beautiful scenery, tasty food, inspiring words, exciting activities, interesting people? Should be more than that!

I began by analyzing what makes my journey so different from my previous ones. Then I realize that usually before I travel, I am trying to be as much prepared as possible. I am a plan-mania who always set down a full schedule. But this time, I didn’t do any research and preparation for the trip. To be honest, I am a little bit insecure about the situation before I went. But things turned out to be very good!

By mentioning this, I don’t mean to suggest you to be unprepared. Sometimes, we just need some changes and do something different with the current situation. For me, to be unprepared for a while is what I am looking for. I love the word serendipity and I believe that’s what makes my journey so special!

Though I didn’t plan anything this time, I did set a goal at the beginning of my trip, which is to come up with something creative! So I have developed a concept of travelling toolkit, whose name is TRAVELLING WITH SERENDIPITY. They are cards with some inspirations and methods to trigger serendipity to your journey! Hope you find it helpful!

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