Social entrepreneurship track on the Sustainability Day

Bild-till-hemsidan-2013.-1024x724One of our bloggers has already posted the material about the Student Sustainability day, that in Swedish would sound Hållbarhet. Yesterday I was there as well, but due to the lack of time I wasn’t able to have a detailed look on the exhibition. But I was on one of the sessions from English track, and it was fascinating so much that I decided to write about it specially.

The session called “Entrepreneurship: Makes the world a better place”. And the heroes of the session were ongoing or recently graduated students. And they were representing the Chalmers school of entrepreneurship. From the very beginning I was positively surprised with their conscious awareness of the idea of sustainability in relation to business. Many people claim that business is only for making profit, but looking at the new generation of entrepreneurs has different set of mind. I couldn’t expand it on all youth people, but the tendency definitely takes place.

Inspired, young, but professional people were presenting their projects. Some of them was on the preparation stage, like WaveTube – developing solutions for producing energy from ocean waves, some were – ongoing businesses –like Panelito that works on the issue of using solar energy.

Special attention attracted the presentation of student non-profit company Knowel. That works on spreading knowledge on sustainable entrepreneurship in developing countries. Students raise money from different companies and organize really good learning activities and help people to create their own business. Guys narrated us the last year’s project Kenya 2012 that had focus on creating business ideas around solar lamps. And have had big success and impact on the local community in Kenya. There is no debts that it’s great that students share their knowledge and on real deeds try to make the world a better place. I express my warm support and wish good luck in the upcoming projects.

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