Education for an International Career

I am really loving my course right now called “Human Resource Management in a Societal Perspective.” It is broken down into 3 sub-courses:

  1. Employment Relations
  2. Societal Trends
  3. Employment Strategies

I am just about finished with the first sub course of Employment relations. What is so interesting about this course is that we are learning how the employee-employer relationship is in different countries. Some, such as in Sweden, have a very informal, collectivistic, co-operative style with a lot of union involvement, making sure all the employees needs’ are being met equally. And another model we’ve learned is the anti-union, individualistic model in which conflicts and negotiations are dealt with on a mostly local level directly between the individual and their boss, which is common in the USA and UK. We are also learning about ER styles in Germany, France, Japan, China, Canada, South Korea, among others!

It is so refreshing to learn from an international perspective, and getting a truly “big picture” perspective of the HR field. Gaining an international education, in my opinion, is the most valuable one can achieve,

photo (15)
Study sesh for a group report about ER in the USA. My Swedish friend made these homemade gingersnaps for a “fika paus.” Yum! 🙂

because businesses of today are being forced to face the facts that the world is shrinking and globalization is here! I believe that we should all try to open our minds to learn new cultures, embrace differences and see diversity as an asset in today’s global market.

So basically, I am loving this program so far, and I am excited to see what else it has in store for me and my “klasskompisar!” 🙂

3 thoughts on “Education for an International Career

  1. Dear Devinrine,
    your blog about ‘HRM in a Societal Perspective’ is quite informative. I hav also applied for this Master In Strategic HRM and Labour Relations. May I ask what is the strength of Class . How many slots available each year?

    1. Well I believe the program begins in Fall term every year and there is about 30 people. It’s a very realistic program that is a perfect balance for those who have business backgrounds and those who have a social sciences background, like me (I have a bachelors in communications). Good luck with applying!

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