Sustainable day!

Today I took part in an activity called Hållbarhet. It is an exhibition jointly held by Gothenburg University and Charmers with inspiring lectures, interesting people and also Swedish Fika, semla!

The exhibition was full of people and it’s nice to see so many people into this topic! It’s a good platform for us to think about our roles and responsibilities towards building a sustainable future. I found it very inspiring to hear how people actually act and contribute with their efforts.

You can see some interesting pictures here.

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And I also find a guy with some very smart ideas! The concept is you can personalize your own tie with this simple machine! I will definitely vote for this idea of “fashion should be sustainable!”

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However, big issue like sustainability is never out of disputes. Sometimes, it can be a trick for marketing as well as promotion. And it seems that people also find themself an excuse to actually buy more things than needed just because they think those things are environmentally friendly. That is, to some extent, contradictory to the original ecological intention.

What do you think about sustainability? Welcome to discuss with me!

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