Monday’s sauna

Moving to foreign country always leads to significant changes in personal habits. To some extend new host society form your daily habits. For example, in Sweden jogging is so popular that people run almost everywhere despite of weather and time. And it inspired me to do the same without any fear to be judged. Among good habits that I’ve got after moving to Sweden is a tradition of going to sauna on Mondays.

The first question I’ve asked SGS when they offered me place in Kjellmansgatan was – Is there sauna in the building? And after positive answer, I have had almost no hesitation to accept the offer. The very first day after moving I found the schedule of sauna’s open hours, and it was Monday evenings. I have started going there from the first week, and continue it even now. Today is Monday and I was as usual in sauna and I’ve recalled how we have started the tradition of Monday’s sauna in 2011.

We have started with just a few neighbors who have also fans of sauna. And it was so funny to run down the corridors, knocking doors and shooting: “Monday! Sauna!” With my 154596_1610909166085_7995344_nexotic sauna hat, I shortly have got nickname “sauna guru”. The thing was very funny. In Russia people visit sauna always wearing special hats made of felt. But for everyone in Sweden it was looking both exotic and weird. However, now people know that such hat supposed to protect both hairs and head from high temperature. It is especially important when you go to sauna with for example +120° C.

Sauna became a certain meeting point where people can enjoy healthy sauna, talk with each other and meet new friends. Last year we had a kind of learning circle in sauna, we called it Swedish Mondays. We decided that as we all are learning Swedish that it will be great to practice it with each other, and we honestly tried to speak Swedish as much as we were able. So, sauna was good for health and learning.

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