Journey to Stockholm Furniture Fair

This time, my design study trip landed in Stockholm Furniture Fair. Our start point is the Green house, a platform for young designers to exhibit their projects, which is of course the most interesting part in the exhibition. Here we embraced new knowledge, new ideas and new projects.

Now follow me to see new designs and figure out how designers use objects to make meaning!

  • Design can be interactive and communicative

Design today is not just about solving problems. It adds interaction between human and object, thus establishing a strong emotional connection between them.

  • Sometimes, design trigger out curiosity


  • Design can be used as an material exploration and experiment
  • Design can be also playful!

Designers in Child Culture Design, HDK, make play visible to reintroduce the joyful world of play in everyday life. For those of you interested in the projects, please take a look at the design Museum of Göteborg, Röhsska.

  • Most of the time, designers question norms and rituals


The above are some of the interesting projects in the Green House,  you can see some more pictures outside the Green House below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s just a very brief summary of Stockholm Furniture Fair. Please leave your comments if you find it interesting or you want to have a discussion!

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