Swedish radio and choir concert

Last week was full of interesting and inspiring events. I was quite busy and wasn’t able to share all of them with you. But I’ll try to cover it and retrospectively post about them. I’ve decided to start with my experience in Swedish Radio.

33760_136446543071767_7954172_nAs you may remember one of the extracurricular activities I am actively engaged in is singing in the Chalmers male choir.  It’s fascinating experience with plenty of benefits. Firstly, it’s a chance to get to know Swedish culture through music. Secondly, to practice Swedish.  Thirdly, to fins new friends. And also – to sing (it’s mostly for those who like me cannot imagine their lives without music)!  I’m really happy to be part of Chalmers choir. Since very first meetings (even when I came to the proof singing) I was positively surprised with great traditions of the choir, engaged people and extraordinary (!) high level of professionalism!

Maybe some of you have already heard that today in the big concert hall of Artisten (the School of Art and Music) it will be one of the most interesting concerts of two Swedish best male choirs: Lund Studentsångare and Chalmers Manskör.  Some of my friends when they heard that there will be two choirs immediately ask – if it will be a sort of “choir battle”.  And I honestly answer that it will be rather “samarbete” (cooperation) than competition. We respect each other and it’s the most important thing.

Due to the upcoming concert we have been invited to participate in the show in Swedish

Swedish TV and Radio in Gothenburg
Swedish TV and Radio in Gothenburg

Radio in Gothenburg. It was crystal clear that all choir members couldn’t fits into the radio studio. And we were forced to choose just few of choristers to represent the choir and the concert. Luckily I was one of those who were honored to sing in the radio.  So, Thursday midday Chalmers Manskör came to the building near Lindholmen. It was the first time I was there. The studio was quite small and it wasn’t enough space for us. We stood very tight surrounded by microphones from all sides. The DJ was very open and friendly man around 50 years old. Honestly, he was very talkative, and after just a few minutes we felt comfortable and relaxed.

Show was around 20 minutes long and we sang four nice pieces of music. We’ve done in live and I felt that it was extremely quick. It was good work and it’s possible for you who have missed live version to listen it in archive. I would definitely recommend you to do so.

And I also welcome those who are in Gothenburg right now – to come to the concert tonight. It’s actually called “Manligt, härligt och starkt” – 😉 sounds very promising and I’m sure it will be so!

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