Birthday festivities in Gothenburg City!

I have just celebrated my 24th birthday and I was so happy to be in Gothenburg to celebrate! This city is seriously the perfect blend of big city feel but small city hospitality. I started the day with a fika/brunch with my classmates from my HRM Masters program. It was at my new favorite American diner, Egg & Milk Cafe! It was so fun, my classmates sang happy birthday in English and then Swedish! Unlike in Florida University, where you get new classmates every term, I like that I have the same people in every course of this program, It allows us to really build the relationships throughout this 2 year program.

Afterwards, I hit the town and got to do something that many tourists often do in Gothenburg…shopping! As a birthday gift, my boyfriend gave me an awesome shopping spree in the city! This city has about 3 large shopping centers walking distance from one another. All of which are indoors, which is good when it is mostly snowing outside. 😉

I ended my birthday with a lovely meal from one of my favorite sushi restaurants in town called “super sushi” it is just walking distance from Gothenburg Central Station…easy to get a train, tram, or bus home after you’re stuffed with yummy sushi! 😉

I had a great birthday, thank you all who made it a good one…and thank you Gothenburg, for giving me a great setting to celebrate. 🙂


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