Kvarnby basketball team fundraising event

There are plenty of ways to spend Sunday. For some people it may be a day-long “date” with a coach watching movies or all TV program in a row. For some it’s a chance to go out for some winter outdoor activities with friends and family. Depends on what do you prefer. My coursemate has invited me for funny fundraising event for female basketball team where she is playing. And without hesitation I decided to go to sport arena in Mölndal.


Kvarnby female basketball team plays in Swedish Damligan, and does it very good! To support the team girls came up with an idea of fundraising event “100 straffar”. The idea is that each team member has 100 shots, and guests of the event can “sponsor” one or several team players. It means that they will give for 1 SEK for each successful shot. So, you understand that it was maximum for 100 SEK.  Girls have done it fantastic – they tried to do their best to support team. The most resulted player of  the evening was Petra Gläser who finished with 97 hits. My coursemate

Janika Sundström and Sara Barta (Master in Communication students)
Janika Sundström and Sara Barta (Master in Communication students)

Janika Sundström has got the great result as well – 87 hits. But she was a bit upset. She said later that during training she resulted 93 and 92 out of 100, and she expected more.

The funnies thing started when all supporters were invited to try themselves in throwing ball from the middle of the field with drawing 500 SEK gift card. It was very hard to do even for experienced players. But, surprisingly, one man did it. And together with present card he has received our warm applause.

I was in a basketball when I was a small kid for a short time. And I realized that I remember nothing about the technique of playing. We finish evening with tasty Swedish “fika” and socializing with players.

Kvarnby basketball team
Kvarnby basketball team

The first interesting thing – is that during 1.5 year that I was living in Gothenburg I have never been in Mölndal. But the last week I was there twice. Such a great co-incidence. And moreover I plan to go there Wednesday – for the last game in a female league before play-offs. Join if you are interested in! Information is here.

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