Brief Intro to Stockholm Furniture& Light Fair

For anyone who is interested in design, you should not miss the upcoming Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, February 5-9, 2013. It is the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design, for both home and public environments.

What you can see

The Stockholm Furniture fair is a place where:

  • High concentration of best Scandinavian furniture companies is organized
  • Design companies show all of their new products during the year
  • Designers meet their colleagues, customers, and friends
  • Informative lectures, innovative products, new trends on colors, textiles and materials are offered
  • You meet interesting people to talk with
  • they offer best thinking and best drinks:)

 What you can expect from HDK

This time, students from Child Culture Design at HDK will exhibit “Peek-a-boo” at the Green House. (the display window for independent designers and design schools)

Students from Steneby of HDK, specialized in wood furniture design, will also present their ten unique items for Goat milk dairy Dals Spira in Rännelanda, Dalsland at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. You can find more through here.

Pauline Avrillon Foto: Valdemar Lindekrantz

What you need prepare

The exhibition is highly structured and organized. So I recommend you to take a look on their official website before you get lost in the huge amount of 750 exhibitors, 70 seminars and 15 exhibitions. You can find all the exhibitors and activities listed here and here.

Together with the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the Stockholm Design Week. It offers information on all kinds of design events held around the city in connection with the fair. They also provide suggestions to the “state of the art” shopping, restaurants and bars in the city! Here is a suggestion to a Beijing restaurant who offers a slice of modern China through lovely, healthy dumplings and tea!

Now it’s time to go and I will continuously update news there! Hope to see you at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair!


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