Bandy World Championship 2013 at Heden: Sweden – Russia

Yesterday the whole Gothenburg was focusing on one of the most important sport event of winter 2013 – the bandy game between Swedish and Russian teams during the World Championship. The Heden ice-arena was full of fans of bandy. To proof the level of importance I can say that yesterday it was the record of public in Heden – 5812 fans!

Sweden-Russia, 31/01-2013

Almost the whole World Bandy championship games are take place in Stockholm, but the game between Sweden and Russia – in central Gothenburg. And it was great chance for sport fans in West Sweden to support both teams. Surely, the vast majority of fans were cheered for Sweden, but Russian supporters reached Gothenburg as well.  Frankly speaking, it was the first international level sport event that I was attending. I couldn’t call myself as a sport fan, but I decided to take a look.

Usually on that kind of overcrowded events organizers ask visitors to mind pickpockets around. I was very positively surprised when approaching ice-arena a young guy caught up with me and handed 100 kr, which turned out to have fallen out of my pocket. So, I felt really proud of Swedish young generation with so strong moral standards.

???????????????????????????????Other things that caught my eye were respectful Swedish fans. They have greeted Russian team with warm applauses, and it was very hospitable.  I think as the most people who far from sport events – I was fed massive stories about aggressive fans, destroying everything around, in mass media. And luckily it wasn’t that case.

The game was very fascinating and intriguing. Both teams have shown high-class play. The game has ended with 7:5 for Sweden. And now both teams continue championship in semi-finals. Sweden will play with Finland, and Russian with Kazakhstan. I sincere with good luck for both teams!

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