A “proper” dinner in Gothenburg

My boyfriend was turning 30, so I made arrangements for a nice dinner with close friends at Dinner 22 in Gothenburg. As a steak and cocktails restaurant, I of course ordered a steak…hadn’t had one of those since my last time in


the States! The food was unbelievably delicious! I have to say though that compared to a fine dining experience in the States, I was not too happy with the service at the restaurant. The waiter was rushing  us to fit in the next reserved dinner and some of the cashiers gave back the wrong change to my friends.(not typical in Sweden though!)


Good thing they all are good with math and caught the mistake! 😉 One of my favorite parts of the night, aside from dressing fancy (as students don’t get many chances to wear formal attire hehe) was the dessert. I ordered creme brulee and it was served in 3 different flavors…original, raspberry, and licorice!! haha only in Sweden would there be licorice flavored dessert!


Thanks everybody who made it a good night. And as to the rest of you, I hope you get the chance to pretend like we are not still students and get to indulge one day in the fine dining of Gothenburg!!






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