Welcome to the design world!

Hey I am Xinyu. I am currently studying in the master program of design in HDK. This is my first post, hope you enjoy it :)

Our course was just finished last week. And we presented the outcome in an format of an exhibition, which was successfully held in the Regional State Archives of Göteborg. It’s awesome! The course is about carrying out a design project that communicates the possibilities of the archive and a message. An archive is a collection of historical records, or the physical place they are located. The following pictures show how some of our designers challenge the interfaces of archival studies and examine the potentiality of the Archive.

The archive has become one of my favorite places in Goteborg! If you have time, be sure to take a walk there. It is definitely an inspirational place and I am sure you will find something valuable! You can find it here.

IMG_2256 IMG_2265 IMG_2309 IMG_2278

I invited some of my friends to this exhibition. Though interested, they felt it somehow very hard to catch the meaning from various projects. So I wrote some tips for you to better understand an art/design exhibition. Hope it’s helpful!

Things I wish i knew before visiting an art/design exhibition

Be motivated
Think about your purpose and what you expect from the exhibition before your visiting. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to go to an art exhibition with no expectations at all!

Be knowledgeable
Get to know a little bit about the exhibition background and theme before you walk around. Do your research on the artists, exhibitors and exhibition places. It helps a lot and you will appreciate and understand the artworks better.

Be open-minded
Free your thoughts from finding the usefulness or function through art/design.Instead of being really functional, art/design is useful in the aspect of inspiration and making you think more.

Be aware of the details
Artists and designers usually pay much attention on the details. So take some time to examine the small details in the exhibitions, the lustrous surface of an art piece, a well-designed pit from a product. Be aware of how the environment is organized by the details, the milky surrounding light, the seemingly far away sound, smell as well as the overall atmosphere. These are sometimes the potential messages that the exhibitors try to convey.

Be reflective
Think and ask yourself questions like: what is the message or concept the exhibitor want to communicate? What technique you found most effective for communication? Why a particular artwork resonates with you?

Be socialized
Discuss with people during and after the exhibition. Talk with them about your favorite pieces and why. It would be better if you speak with people from different areas like curators, artists, unacquainted visitors or your friends.

Combine all these elements together and you should be ready to grasp the essence of an art exhibition and have fun! Please feel free to leave comments if you find it interesting!

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