Exploring Mölndal and the Florence Academy of Art

On the first glance it’s hard to relate Florence and Mölndal – but I’ll explain everything later. May be some of regular readers of our blog remember my last Saturday’s post about the walk on Christian Unity Week. So, there I met an interesting person and (as it has been founded out later) talented artist Lana Svirejeva. To my surprise she has invited me to draw my portrait in the art school she is studying in. I agreed and we appointed drawing session for the Sunday evening.

Lana is an art student in the Florence Academy of Art that has two major locations. The first one, as you have already guessed, is in Florence (Italy), and the other is in Mölndal (Sweden). To my  shame, I have to admit that I have never been in Mölndal, though it’s literally just 10 minutes from the center of Gothenburg. And I decided to fix it – and to explore Mölndal a bit and to pose for face drawing.

10 minutes by tram and I was in Mölndal. Small, but nice city has welcomed me with picturesque snowfall. Mölndal from Swedish can be translated as “Valley of mills”. And it DSCN5692was very easy to find mills in several hundred meters from city center. Mills were based “on the narrow, but high and long waterfalls in Kvarnbyn” as Wikipedia helps me.  Honestly, waterfalls look terrific! Maybe it’s partly due to my passion towards falling water. It seems that city stay on hills, and whenever you go – you’ll have to climb to small or big hills. But on the top of one of them I’ve found nice cathedral with amazing view on the city center.

Following the road near waterfalls I came another hill with the City museum on the top.DSCN5683 And it was the building that I was looking for my drawing session.  And “magic has started”. It was 3,5 hours of posing. And even if it could sound as “doing nothing” it’s in fact was quite problematic to keep the same posture for that long time. But of course I have had some breaks – when we had lively discussion about artistic inspiration with Lana and Andreas drawing me. Honestly, it was rather fun to be posing and I’ve enjoyed it. As well as the result was wonderful.

It was very unusual and inspiring ending of the week, and I look forward for new adventures.

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