Elections for the Göta Student Union’s Parliament


This weekend I have been asked to participate in campaign promoting upcoming elections of the Parliament members for the Göta Studentkår. The vice-chairwoman of the Göta, responsible for study-social activities, Emma Åberg asked me to reflect under the  questions why I decided to stand for Parliament elections last years. And I decided to share my thoughts with you – and maybe to motivate some of you for nomination to Parliament.

1. Why you wanted to be a council member of Göta studentkårs Fullmäktige? 

Honestly speaking I wasn’t an active member of student union from the beginning of my parliamentarianstudies in 2011. I became a member later on, and it was my conscious decision. I felt on my own skin that the University didn’t take into account opinions of international students on all issues. I think it happened due to underrepresentation of foreign students in the highest authorities in the GU. And I decided to speak up! I decided not to wait when somebody will speak up our opinions, but to do it myself!

Now I clearly understand that sometimes it might be annoying for other Parliament members that I stress so much interests of international students. But I honestly respond on it – this is the first and the main reason why I’m in the Parliament. And I will be consistent with that!

Nobody promised you that it will be easy. And I cannot say that I achieved all goals that I set from the beginning, but there is some time left and I try to do my best!

2. Why do you think it is important to influence Göta studenkårs Fullmäktige?

Now in the world people discuss a lot an issue of realization of democracy. And one of the important assumptions on the democracy is that every person takes responsibility on what happened around. We are not speechless creatures, we have a right to speak up our mind, our ideas and our interests – and there is a chance to do it! To be elected in the Parliament of Göta Stundentkår. It gives unique opportunity, but request great responsibility from a person. The University of Gothenburg is one of the largest universities in Europe, where people from all over the world study together. To make study and social environment more foreign-students-friendly – we need to work hard and to speak up!

If you feel that you are one of the persons that would be interested in representing all students in the highest authority of Göta Studentkår – don’t miss your chance – go for it! Fill the form, write down your program and ideas – and submit it before February, 1st. Follow the instructions – here. And feel free to ask me any questions you have!

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