Kick-off and pre-party for GIFF’13

The roads of almost all students in Gothenburg yesterday led to Pustervik club near Järntorget.  And it was because of the kick-off party organized by Gothenburg city for new and current students in the city. It was actually quite funny story. For Thursdays I have my evening Swedish classes, and I usually go there by tram. When I yesterday went there around 4 pm it was quite big group of students’ takings loudly about upcoming kick-off.  When I went back – 3 hours later – the same group of students entered the tram – they have been already dressed up 😉 And they were talking how to find Pustervik club on the city map. Later on I met them again at the party.

After the very first steps inside the Pustervik it was possible to feel warm and friendly spirit of kick-off party in the freezing Gothenburg. There were some people that I already knew before, and a lot of new faces. Students were full of positive and energy.

Lindholmen team
Lindholmen team

As I have mentioned before organizers decided to bring together kick-off and pre-party for the Gothenburg International Film festival (GIFF’13), that is officially starting tonight! Party has started with interesting quiz, and student teams were asked to show their outstanding knowledge of world movies. Our team called Lindholmen – as there were students from Lindholmen campus. Surprisingly we got the second place in the quiz – and were awarded by festival pass, and free tickets! It was incredible!385288_4739775705793_1172294259_n

There were also some great live-music by Jonas Lundqvist, and Peter Neskar, hot dances, ocean of positive and new friends.

2 thoughts on “Kick-off and pre-party for GIFF’13

  1. Hi, I’m also an exchange in Gothenburg but other university, anyway, just wondering, was there any other band playing at the Kick off party? I mean who played as first, cause I listened to some Jonas Lundqvist songs on youtube and that’s completely different from what I’ve heard at the party… Thanks!

    1. Actually Шекшув to check – and – yes, most probably it has been someone else – but I can check it with organizers! And I’ll come with it later!

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