“Cleaning can be fun” Monday

It was about to be “an average” Monday, but my neighbors appointed a meeting in our kitchen. And Monday became very special.

One of the memorable things from a student life is definitely the life in student residences. It could be just one house or may be the whole quarter full of students, sharing sometimes kitchens or some other common spaces. In October 2011 I was very happy when I got an offer for an apartment in a very cozy and charming student residences at Kjellmansgatan.

Kjellmansgatan SGS
Kjellmansgatan SGS

And almost 15 month I live here, and enjoy it. We share kitchen with very nice people. And frankly speaking we are not that type of people who do everything together and so on. We understand that each of us needs some private space, and we respect it.

Today we decided to have some meeting of the “kitchen-mates” to discuss some new rules for using common utilities and to greet a new guy that just has moved in. Spontaneously, we started cooking together, and, even more spontaneously, cleaning kitchen. I think I can be quite objective if I say that our kitchen is one of the most clean in the residence. But there is a certain room for improvements.

Our kitchen

Among some shared utilities we have plenty of tableware and cutlery. And we have admitted that we don’t need so much for everyday cooking and started the funniest process of deciding what to keep, what to throw, and what to put in another shelve to keep for special occasions. We have found plenty of funniest forks and spoons, and quite a few strange things that we didn’t even know how they can be used.

We have finished the evening with cooking together simple but very tasty “choklade balls”.

So, everything can be fun, if you do it together, even cleaning)


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