Dissertation in the Faculty of Social science

It’s very interesting to scrutinize Calendar on the University’s web-page.  Sometimes you can events, such as open lectures/seminars, conferences and other things on your academic interest in various departments and faculties. Today I have decided to visit discussion of a dissertation in the Faculty of Social Science.

The dissertation was about comparative analysis of migration policies in several countries, and as it in the area of my interests; I have decided to join the event. From the very beginning I was positively surprised that the procedure called “discussion of the dissertation” and not “defense” (as it called in Russia and in many other countries). But I’m sure “discussion” sounds much more friendly and nicely. And I can honestly say that the whole event went in a quite friendly manner.

Frida Boräng
Frida Boräng

In the beginning of the 2013 I’ve decided to change my attitude towards punctuality, and it works so far 😉 So, yes, I have come almost the first. And the first person I have met near the hall was a woman. She guessed that I also came to listen for the dissertation and she started to talk with me. After a few minutes I have already knew that she is Frida’s mother (Frida Boräng is an author of the dissertation) and that she came to support her. It was very touching, how she was talking about her! I didn’t know Frida personally before, but I felt like I do.

IMG_20130118_131451As a general impression from the discussion, I can mention joint friendliness.  The opponent – very knowledgeable scholar from Germany – was critical, but very constructive and positive. Discussing public discourse towards labor immigrants he pointed very interesting aspects of the current situation, providing examples from different countries.

Frida showed herself as highly-skilled researcher, with deep knowledge in the field. And, important thing, she was realistic and self-critical. Honestly pointed out limitations of the study.

I feel that it was great experience to see how defenses/discussions of doctoral dissertations happened in Sweden in the University of Gothenburg. So, looking forward for the weekend!

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