A trophy can of Coca-cola or patience is rewarded

The first day in the University in 2013 for me has started early. Clock hands were about to rich 8 am, and I was already opening the entrance door. The building of IT faculty was dark and empty. But I was sure that the defense of the research paper was scheduled for 8 in the morning.

To be honest it was not so hard to wake up early if to keep in mind that the time difference with the Russian city where I came from is 3 hours. Simple arithmetic actions and you can count that 8 am in Sweden is 11 am in the major part of European Russia – cannot call it early at all 😉

The defense was friendly and constructive. As our course leader said that it’s always easier to objectively assess someone else’s paper than you own. It’s true. And he suggested us to keep it in mind when we will be writing the thesis work, and ask friends, colleagues or siblings to take a look on our writings. Good advice.

coca-colaAnd now we came to the point in time that made the title of the post. Together with my course-mates we decided to have a lunch at the café near the campus. Actually the café is even in the same building of the IT faculty, but with separate entrance. So, we came, cannot say that it was overcrowded. We have ordered and waited with a lively discussion. All people around me have got their meal. I was sitting. Time flew away; the lunch break was almost end. And then the waiter came to me and surprisingly found that they haven’t brought food to me yet. The good point was that they asked for excuses very sincere. I appreciate it, and didn’t have any anger. They have brought my nice pasta-salad with chicken (it was quite tasty) and a can of Coca-cola (as they said – present for inconvenience). A trophy can now is in front of my – as a symbol that a patience is rewarded.

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